Journey hOMe

I’m so very grateful to be home again. today was a lovely day, including full trust in the Goddess to even leave St.Louis as the plane was coated in ice and snow had fallen earlier…it started intensely….as the airline workers sprayed de-icer acid (?) it sprayed into the plane about 1 foot form my narrow feet….I cannot even begin to delve into what this brought up for me, and just before energetic collapse by me and said other passengers around wondering if the door will fly open mid flight and we will all fly like birds, our Jamaican (of course had to be Jamaican right) flight attendant comes forward and laughingly, in that Caribbean way says, “Oh that happens when they are new, they dont’ know how to spray de ting right.” then proceeds to cackle a mad laugh and cleans the not so small neon orange puddle with some club soda and napkins…next, in Houston, an massive Vietnamese man sits down next to me on the plane, and here I am crushed in the corner window seat, finding my small mind wanting to get reactive over his medicine bottle in his jacket pocket pressing into my side, and then I paused the process and softened as I watched him try to pick up the little girl in front of us’s I Pod that she had just dropped… I bent forward and returned it to the little angel in front of us and then asked him ” How are you today,” and was met with his story of being a political refugee, he then, takes off his hat (which I had noticed already), and shows me the ‘Vietnam Veteran’ logo on the strap. As I napped I travelled through a vision of what his life must’ve been like, and my heart swelled with compassion upon waking realizing that we all suffer, yet at the same time we are all capable of unconditional love, maybe in part to the taste of suffering. As we landed in L.A. , I could tell he was very confused and obvserved him, kindly, ask the flight attendants where his next gate was, b/c he is not used to this travelling, and they bluntly glare at him and offer no compassion and a harsh answer. I could feel the angels working through me, despite my own concerns, and I said, “Come on, let’s go find your gate,” and we walked over to the moniters and it just so happened our gates were in the same corridor, so we walked together, and to see his smile, over something so simple, my heart swelled with joy that we can choose this…we all have the choice of kindness and compassion for all people, for all sentient beings. Hilariously, on my flight to Hilo some angel from first class sent me a bottle of wine, about 2 minutes after I remembered a flight I took ages ago where a man asked me my name (after overhearing me mention to the person next to me, now all we need is wine! after a 4 hour delay….), I answered kindly, and he presented me with a carafe of wine…..the power of vibrational attraction always amazes me beyond what I can even integrate fully at this point. Each day the awareness grows. As I saw Pele on the horizon I let out a yelp of gladness and instantly almost energetically settled down. I wept tears of gratitude as I got in my little VW bug and breathed the humid sultry air. I have so much gratitude for every moment of my life, which has ineveitably culminated up to this very moment. Aloha Pele, I am hOMe. 

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